18 Mar

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Xenical For Sale, About a year ago, we reported on a strange sight in the Forbidden City. Buy Xenical from mexico, It was strange only because of its location in a World Heritage Sight. Lord knows, where can i order Xenical without prescription, Is Xenical addictive, it would not be strange to see one of these anywhere else. They are so ubiquitous that the Onion once quipped, cheap Xenical, Xenical without a prescription, “New Starbucks Opens in Rest Room of Existing Starbucks.

 Ye Olde Signe

At the time, I thought that the Forbidden City Starbucks was out of place, Xenical wiki. Order Xenical no prescription, I never thought the problem existed in the coffee shop itself. I only objected to the sign, Xenical For Sale. When people visit a major tourist attraction, Xenical interactions, Buy Xenical from canada, the expect to be able to buy food and drink. For a site as big as the Forbidden City, Xenical alternatives, Real brand Xenical online, that kind of convenience is a necessity. Someone will get a contract to cater the palace, order Xenical online c.o.d, Canada, mexico, india, whether it's Starbucks, or some mom and pop shop, buy Xenical online no prescription. Is Xenical safe,

The problem isn't commerce, the problem is advertising, Xenical canada, mexico, india. Xenical For Sale, It's not appropriate for Starbucks to put a sign in the window, or to use its presence in the Forbidden City to advertise itself. Where can i order Xenical without prescription, If Starbucks took down the sign on the window, I thought, Xenical without a prescription, Order Xenical from mexican pharmacy, I would have no problem with it. I assumed that the massive chain would never agree to open a store without a sign, Xenical price, coupon, Is Xenical safe, so that solution would never work. The aesthetic dissonance would remain, order Xenical online overnight delivery no prescription. Xenical price,

Earlier this year, the Forbidden City Starbucks started getting a lot of attention, Xenical class. Rui Chenggang took on the Forbidden City Starbucks as a personal crusade, Xenical For Sale. Rx free Xenical, Using his own blog (available at ESWN in translation), and his celebrity as a CCTV news anchor, cheap Xenical, Low dose Xenical, Rui built a campaign to kick Starbucks out of the palace. Rui even confronted Jim Donald, purchase Xenical for sale, Fast shipping Xenical, Starbucks' CEO, at the 2006 Yale CEO Leadership Summit, where can i find Xenical online. Order Xenical no prescription, “I wonder if you have plans to open stores in Taj Mahal, Versailles or Buckingham Palace, buy Xenical from canada, Buy cheap Xenical, ” Rui said. “But, Xenical gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Buy Xenical without prescription, first, please remove your outlet from the Forbidden City.”

Personally, I think that Rui has the wrong target. Xenical For Sale, He doesn't realize that Starbucks would open outlets in the Taj Mahal, Versailles or Buckingham Palace within seconds of getting permission. Rui should have been criticizing the authorities within the Forbidden City who allowed Starbucks to move in. On the other hand, maybe that is exactly what he was doing. He was just voicing his criticisms in a politically sensitive way.

And apparently, Rui was successful. According to the Chicago Tribune, “Beijing authorities, Xenical For Sale. . . would decide by June whether the coffee shop could stay.”

A few weeks ago we returned to the Forbidden City. Starbucks was still there, but to my surprise they that taken down their sign. If it were up to me, I would just let them stay, since they are willing to be discreet. We will wait and see whether the powers that be will be so tolerant.

Commodity with Italian characteristics 

And on that same, recent trip to the Forbidden City, we were shocked to see this little display in a different section of the palace. I don't expect to see Rui Chenggang blogging about this one. An anti-LaVazza campaign won't get you into the Wall Street Journal.


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  1. 1
    March 28, 2007 at 12:06 am

    MG sports car returns, made in China
    Tiny two-seater finds new life. Talks are ongoing to open factory in the U.S.
    March 27 2007: 11:54 AM EDT

    NANJING, China (Reuters) — A venerable British motor brand was reborn in a gritty Chinese industrial suburb on Tuesday as state-owned Nanjing Automobile Group rolled out its first MG sports cars and saloons.

    A racing green MG TF two-seater convertible, a copy of the popular original British model, was unveiled at a plant in the eastern city of Nanjing — the first Made-in-China MG car.

    Staff look at a new MG 7 car during the MG car launch ceremony at Nanjing Automobile Group in Nanjing, east China’s Jiangsu province March 27, 2007.

    Nanjing Auto, a medium-sized car maker that began life as a military garage in 1947, will use the MG marque founded in the 1920s to target China’s fast-growing ranks of wealthy buyers.

    “We are keeping the original British flavour,” said Zhang Xin, general manager of Nanjing subsidiary making the cars. “But in the future, the major market for MG will be in China…”

    Priced at between 180,000 yuan and 400,000 yuan ($23,255 to $51,710), the MG cars will be beyond the reach of most Chinese, costing well over two years’ salary….

    [read more]

  2. 3 May 9, 2007 at 10:52 pm

    By-the-by… The original site of the Forbidden City was part of the Imperial City built by the Mongolian ‘Yuan’ Dynasty. Chinese were barred from entering it on pain of death. The section known as the ‘Forbidden City’ was a palace built by the succeeding Ming prince Zhu Di. Although Zhu was Chinese, he was no fan of the idea of allowing ordinary Chinese to view his palace. It later passed to the Qing, who were also not Chinese (Manchurian this time). The Communist Dynasty pretty much wrecked the place, before realising that is was useful for political reasons.

    I’m not keen on seeing Starbucks (or, indeed, any commercial) signage in locations such as this, but for Rui Chenggang to get fired up over a non-Chinese presence in the place, is utterly ludicrous a best, and xenophobic racism at worst (and anyone who’s heard the guy talk knows which it is).

    Great blog post, keep it up.

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