01 May


I have never seen the movie "13", but I know the genre. It is a teenage sex scare drama, in the tradition of "Kids" and every other Larry Clark movie. A friend of mine, who is also a mom and whose kids have years to go before they reach this difficult age, saw "13" and freaked out. She told me that her husband wanted to move back to America but she wanted to stay in China, where her children wouldn't be exposed to sex and drugs. I'm not worried about teenage sex. Rampant consumerism bothers me, but not sex. "Dora the Explorer" is more troubling than "Kids" because Dora is into merchandising. And you can't escape consumerism in China. Kids in China are bugging their parents for the same cell phone as their American peers. They all want the Chocolate. But these are not the reasons why we have decided to leave China. We are just a little homesick. I am homesick. We spent three weeks in America last winter We have been neglecting the blog for the past month. A lot of things have happened that would have made good posts. Another birthday in China has come and gone. Another Passover in China has come and gone. Things are good. We are all healthy and the weather is getting warmer, but my thoughts are elsewhere. We have decided to leave the country in June. A few weeks ago I was talking to another mom who lives here. She is Chinese, her husband is American and her children have U.S. citizenship. They are also planning to move back to America this summer. My friend told me she was worried about the unhealthy influences that her children would be subjected to in America. She saw the movie "13", and even though that age is years away for both of her children, it freaked her out. If her children (and especially her daughter) grow up in America, they might have sex. If they stay in China, my friend hopes, they won't have sex. Every parent worries about different things. I would be more concerned about the environmental hazards that are engulfing our province, but that is just me.

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