Category: Stories from South China

26 Sep

So beautiful, you’d think they had their guns trained on Fort Sumter…

While in Guangzhou, we visited Shamian Island. It used to be a foreign concession “won” after Queen Victoria bullied the Qing into peddling opium to the people.* Now, it’s known for housing both a US consulate and westerners hoping to adopt Chinese children. The locals we asked about it had never been there, but they [...]

11 Aug

Korean Fan Death and Baby Soup

When we first started peer-see a few months ago, we didn’t really expect anybody outside our little circle of friends and family to be reading it. In other words, we were thinking small. Very small. Out of curiosity, we just checked our access statistics for the first time, and we were a little surprised at [...]

03 Aug

Hebe-Bi Jeebies

“Are you Jews?” “What?” “You and your husband, are you Jews?” “I’m Jewish, but my husband isn’t. Why do you ask?” I was very surprised the first time I had this conversation with a Chinese person. It is not unusual for other Americans to guess that I’m Jewish. The hair and the nose usually give [...]

30 Jul

China: Confirming What Beer Snobs Have Been Saying All Along

It’s official! And you thought three-two was bad. Now all I need is some Jim Beam powdered drink mix, and it’ll be specials all around. Cheers!