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24 Feb

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Hyphens are powerful.

This is a joke two years in the making Nimetazepam For Sale, .

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24 Feb

Nitrazepam For Sale

Nitrazepam For Sale, Certain questions have arisen concerning Artemis' paternity.

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09 Feb

Rivotril For Sale

Rivotril For Sale, Not to be one to doubt the New York Times, but c'mon...

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09 Feb

Buy Viagra Without Prescription

I recently received this comment to one of my posts:

Buy Viagra Without Prescription, # annoyed Says:
January 9th, 2008 at 12:51 pm e

This all seems to be written by a know-it-all asshole using this blog as a place to show off his english vocabulary. Viagra duration, You are more annoying than the redneck American in the traffic jam video.

This morning, I got this one:

# Grammar Nazi Says:
February 9th, Viagra blogs, Viagra use, 2008 at 1:43 am e

Seriously… this is a pretty funny article, but c’mon, effects of Viagra, Buy cheap Viagra, if you’re going to poke fun at someone else for their use of the English language, you should probably make some sort of attempt to get it right yourself, Viagra pharmacy. Viagra no rx, “One of the things you that is so amazing about teaching English as a foreign language”. What the hell does that even mean, buy Viagra from mexico. Online buy Viagra without a prescription, That line is so twisted, it’s scary, buy Viagra without prescription. “Have you ever been beamed with a softball, Buy Viagra Without Prescription. Purchase Viagra, Ouch!” It’s not “beamed”, it’s “beaned”… with an “N”, is Viagra addictive. Buy Viagra online no prescription, That’s not even counting the numerous grammatical errors in your post. The idea behind the post is great, what is Viagra, Viagra used for, and funny… but making fun of someone else’s English skills in an article riddled with English errors just makes you look bad.

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