Monthly Archives: September 2006

26 Sep

So beautiful, you’d think they had their guns trained on Fort Sumter…

While in Guangzhou, we visited Shamian Island. It used to be a foreign concession “won” after Queen Victoria bullied the Qing into peddling opium to the people.* Now, it’s known for housing both a US consulate and westerners hoping to adopt Chinese children. The locals we asked about it had never been there, but they [...]

24 Sep

Our New Place

We finally moved into our new apartment and it is fantastic! We have two bedrooms, a good sized kitchen, and a nice, big living room. We have views of the Pacific on one side and a small view of the mountains on the other. Even with the fake wood flooring, the place is really nice. [...]

19 Sep

Writing Class, dedicated to Mr. Grillet

We just finished our first week of classes.  I am teaching two sections of Contract Law and two sections of Writing.  I will describe my Law classes in the future.  For now, let me tell you what it is like to teach 18-year-olds how to write an essay.  I learned how to write an essay when [...]

12 Sep


Qingdao has an English language bookclub. It amazes me. The city has a big enough  Anglophonic community to support a bookclub.  It’s wonderful! I have always loved bookclubs.  My mother belongs to a bookclub that has been meeting for about 25 years.  When I was a little girl their meetings always looked so sophisticated.  It was the one part [...]