Monthly Archives: August 2006

31 Aug

Is there a Q in Omega?

The September issue of Vogue China is on the newsstands.  According to the fashion bible, to get the “It Girl Look” you should spend 28,000 RMB (US$3,500) on a sleek, black hand bag.  The purse looks great, but the average Chinese doctor or lawyer or teacher would have to be crazy to spend 28,000 to own it.  [...]

27 Aug

Water, Water Everywhere, and All the Boards Did Shrink

Several days ago, we got home after a short vacation.  We noticed a tiny leak in a tube beneath the sink.  It was as if the tube had been pricked with a pin. As Josh tried to close the hole, the tube burst free from the wall, and water poured all over the bathroom.  It was about ten [...]

25 Aug

Qingdao Restaurant Reviews, part 1

Our current apartment is only temporary, and it shows. It has no drying rack on the window (a necessity in a country that lacks electrical clothes dryers) and no internet access. Every day we go to the PC cafe to get our internet fix. This situation makes it harder to keep up with Peer-See. Since [...]

21 Aug

The Mandate of Heaven

Tai Shan is the holiest mountain in Taoism.  Several emperors climbed it. Others tried and failed.  It was believed that the gods would never allow someone unworthy to reach the summit, so a successful climb was a sign that the Emperor had the Mandate of Heaven. Likewise, an aborted effort was a pretty bad omen. [...]