Monthly Archives: July 2006

30 Jul

China: Confirming What Beer Snobs Have Been Saying All Along

It’s official! And you thought three-two was bad. Now all I need is some Jim Beam powdered drink mix, and it’ll be specials all around. Cheers!

29 Jul

Emperor Jonesing

The Tang Dynasty was a time of great prosperity in China. By some estimates, the size of the population increased to 300 million people. The empire expanded its physical boundaries, too, stretching south to Vietnam and west into the Stans. Tang rule lasted from 617 to 907, a time known to Europe as the Dark [...]

24 Jul

White Hot YangJiang

Yesterday we swam in the South China Sea. We traveled three hours away from the congestion of GuangZhou, Hong Kong and Macau, to the quiet little shore point of YangJiang. We didn’t go directly to the beach. We went first to a temple to the Goddess Mazu. Mazu protects people in the water, including sailors, [...]

21 Jul

Meatballs 5 – GuangZhou Summer Camp

We teach English. To kids. At a summer camp. On a university campus. Weird. Luckily, we have assistants who take care of the kids when they go swimming and play sports. It is our job to teach our campers the English language for five hours a day, and then correct their journals every evening. Joshua’s [...]