Monthly Archives: June 2006

29 Jun

Be more Confucian, and with intensity!

In the movie “Lost in Translation”, Bill Murray plays an American movie star who is staying in Japan while shooting a whiskey commercial. He has trouble communicating with the Japanese director, and because the whole thing is played without subtitles, the audience has trouble, too. But thanks to the power of the internet, we can [...]

25 Jun

The Lucky Travelers

It was easy for us to get permission to come to China. We brought our paperwork to the Chinese consulate and the next day we picked up our visas. When we went to Thailand we didn’t even need visas. Americans can travel in the Thai kingdom for 30 days without one. Our dark blue passports [...]

17 Jun


Recently, I’ve been thinking about the story of Herod and Salome. Emily and I were talking about it the other day, and I discovered that I see the story in a very different way. To her, the story is about incestuous lust and seduction that results in a totally capricious murder. To me, the story [...]

11 Jun

The Wall

We live on the wrong side of the wall. We are on the barbarian side. Liaoning Province was once occupied by Jurchen tribesman, also known as Manchus. In the mid-seventeenth century, the Manchus breached the Great Wall of China (GWC) and conquered the country. The Wall had defended China for almost two-thousand years, but alas, [...]