Monthly Archives: May 2006

27 May

Firefighter’s Full Employment & Other Observations

Josh and I are both feeling 100% better. We did not need to take antibiotics for our food poisoning. The traditional Chinese medicine worked well enough. After 4000 years of trial and error, Chinese herbalists have learned a thing or two. Still, we are hoping to receive a care package with a good supply of [...]

21 May

Sick Days

In my last post, I mentioned that Josh and I dip our raw fruits and vegetables in a bleach solution to clean them. We also boil our water and milk. We are very careful with all of our food, and so far we haven’t gotten sick from anything that we have made ourselves. Unfortunately, you [...]

18 May

Things Are Different Here, Part 1

Eggs: Eggs are sold by weight and they are sold in plastic bags, as opposed to cartons that cradle every little egg. You can buy them either in the shell or naked. There is even a hook on the back of shopping carts made to hang delicate bags full of eggs. We walk home from [...]

16 May

Lights Out

Yesterday we were without electricity and running water for the whole day. Sometimes that happens in America, too. I remember once when we lived in Washington DC, I came home to find that we had no water. Here is the conversation I had with a Water Department employee: “Do you live near 4th and G [...]