Monthly Archives: March 2006

26 Mar

Red fish, blue fish

In America, some people clean their own fish. Most of them are fishermen, fisherwomen, and their very tolerant spouses. I never felt the need to clean fish. I was always happy to delegate that task to the professionals. This afternoon, by necessity, I learned how to clean fish. They looked like filets when I bought [...]

23 Mar

Con Law 101

I am the foremost expert on American Constitutional Law in all of Jinzhou. I might even be the leading expert in all of Liaoning Province, depending on who the State Department has posted in Shenyang. Alan Dershowitz doesn’t come to this neighborhood. The reason I mention this is because my boss, the Director of the [...]

21 Mar

America: The Ice Cream Novelty

So far, it’s been surprisingly easy to get used to living here in the People’s Republic. I had anticipated being exposed to a radically different lifestyle than I was used to in the United States. I suppose I should have known better. When my mother first heard I’d be moving to South Korea in 1999, [...]

19 Mar

Restaurant Reviews, part 1

Oh, the restaurants of Jinzhou! There are so many places to choose from! I wanted to put together a list of our usual haunts. Unfortunately, I don’t know any of their names. Josh and I have our own descriptions of these places, and if you happen to be in Jinzhou, we can take you there! [...]